So.. I've finally published a blog! ...& my first ever post!

I don't know how it's possible to have spent so much time on 
Facebook chatting (& Snooping, who doesn't!) & clothes sites.. spending (of course!); 
but never found the ability to spend time on a blog to publish my own work or my own interests in the fashion & textile trade!

I've started this blog not only show my interests in the fashion trade, but to show the beauty of Dundee's student body! 
I aim to post about:

- Student fashion in both style of photography
.. studio and street


- Areas to possibly photograph fashion
(This also gives a view of Dundee and it's beauty)!

I also want to try and include fashion photography from photograph students not only in Dundee, but around Scotland. Especially the work from people I know, as in the past, I studied a fantastic photography course which sadly is no longer available the same as when I studied it back in the dark room times! Everything's turning digital and it's fading out the beauty of black&white! :(

So hold tight! I will try to keep up with blogger life!

Photography by: Ashleigh Mustard